Natura Resort

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Natura Resort is a boutique hotel mixing design, comfort and nature which make the place unique in Siem Reap and the concept original in the Kingdom.
Located on the riverside road going to the temples and 5 minutes only from town, the hotel is easy to find and to access. Situated in a Cambodian authentic area, the resort is 100 meters away from a pagoda and ruins temple, in the middle of the Angkorian forest.
A magical atmosphere overwhelms the place, the management and service which is 100% Cambodian and the traditional care will plunge you into a unique Cambodian experience.

We are clearly health focused and claiming for a balanced life. Our goal is to give you the break you need while visiting our country: Relax, feeling home and trying delicate and high quality local products reworked for you. A whole experience!

As we know accommodation is an important part of your travel, we selected the kindest and helpful staff you could find and some special ingredients we carefully pay attention to.

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