Imperial Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

Imperial, one of the leading 5-star hotel in Hue, is located in the heart of the city, abreast the Huong River (Perfume River), in very close proximity to well-known tourist destinations of the world heritage city.
The hotel itself is a unique masterpiece in terms of high-rise architecture but bears the impression of the architectural schools of Eastern Asia and of the Imperial City of Hue, which is shown with restored and ancient architecture of cubes, lines, patterns, colors and materials, expressing the utmost luxury in Vietnamese style. The Imperial Hotel is the only place in Hue that the wish of leaving never comes when you get up in every morning, when you watch the sunset in every evening or when the night falls, because through your window is a Creator’s masterpiece – here is the charming Perfume river, farther are the ancient works with the meditative style of the Imperial City of Hue – so wonderful that you will utter: “If only I were a poet”.
The hotel interior is carefully polished to perfection, combining luxury with coziness. It is a delicate combination of modern facilities and the cultural and architectural values of Hue and of Vietnam.

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