Cove 55 Santubong

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Kuching, Malaysia

Where the naturally untainted foot of Mount Santubong gently welcomes the undulating South China Sea. Where tribal elements subtly influence contemporary sensibilities. Ethnic luxury takes on a refreshingly renewed and refined form at Cove 55. Built originally as a holiday home for an Iban family, the sprawling villa is now reborn as an intimate retreat with 13 rooms, two suites and one villa. A private boutique hotel hideaway that’s infinitely customisable to personal tastes and differing occasions.

With so much unspoilt beauty surrounding Cove 55, you will be pleasantly surprised to know just how easy it is to reach us. International guests can fly into Kuching Airport on international carriers such as AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines. Then it is an easy and scenic 30-minute drive to the coastal town of Santubong where you will find us along Jalan Sultan Tengah.