Clans Kongsi Georgetown

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Penang, Malaysia

Clans Kongsi Georgetown are unique boutique residences inside Penang’s heritage jewel – the Khoo Kongsi right in the heart of the Georgetown Unesco World Heritage Site. The residences now occupy what was originally known by the Khoo Clan as Sixteen Houses. They were so named as they were built as 16 units of terrace houses flanking the alleyway from the main entrance to the central Clan Temple and courtyard.

In the 1860s, the Sixteen Houses were built for the sinkehs (newcomers) fresh off the boat from China. They were relatives of the Khoo families from the ancestral Sin Kang Village in Hokkien Province, South China. The architecture of the Sixteen Houses is of the Southern Chinese Eclectic style. The structure is taken from Hokkien patterns with touches from Malay and Western cultural influences. This blended-culture style cannot be seen in China. Rather, it was established between the 1840s – 1910s and is a result of the unique cultural cross fertilization of Penang (upon which Unesco awarded the World Heritage Listing). The materials used by masons of Khoo ancestry were timber, clay bricks and lime.

Clans Kongsi Georgetown are strategically located within walking distance to several other important heritage sites:

* Acheen Street Malay Mosque (built in 1808 – 50m away – 1 min walk)
* Kapitan Keling Mosque (1801 – 300m – 4 min)
* Sri Mahamariamman Hindu Temple (1833 – 450m away – 6 min)
* Kuan Im Goddess of Mercy Temple (1801 – 550m away – 7 min)
* St George’s Church (1818 – 800m away – 10 min)

Guests can also sample the living heritage of Penang’s renowned food as there are several cafes and restaurants in the vicinity.