Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has revealed 5 new heritage walking trails

Aimed at independent travellers, the new trails focus on Hong Kong’s Old Town Central district, where the architecture and culture is said to reflect “the union of the eastern and the western influences to the city”.


The walking trails have been created under five themes: heritage, arts, dining, treasure hunt and “something of everyone”. The first, entitled “Time Traveller”, takes walkers from Possession Point, where the British flag was first officially raised, to the Tai Ping Shan area where many Chinese settled in the 1840s.


Under the art theme, the “Crazy for Art” trail offers a stroll down the historic, gallery-lined Hollywood Road, while the “Tasting Hong Kong” dining trail provides a glimpse into Hong Kong’s food scene, including local restaurants and street food stalls.


Under the treasure hunt theme, the “Hidden Gems in Back Alleys” walking trail includes visits to the antique area of Upper Lascar Row, the design studios of Tai Ping Shan Street and knick-knack stores of Bridges Street. And finally, the “Something for Everyone” tour covers some of the city’s top landmarks and points of interests.


The new walking trails are being promoted by the HKTB among Hong Kong’s key international source markets.