hike through history in Guilin

Starting in Guilin, this 5-day experience takes travellers trekking through some of China’s most historic towns and mesmerising landscapes including Yangshuo, the most beautiful town along the Li River built in 590 during the Sui Dynasty, and the famous terraced rice fields of Longsheng.

Through a combination of trekking, cycling and driving, travellers travel through time visiting intriguing destinations such as Xingping, a famous ancient town with a history of more than 1,300 years, and Yangshuo’s well-preserved West Street (Xi Jie), which reveals the resplendence of past days. A highlight of the journey is marvelling at the Longii Terraced Fields about 100 kilometres away from Guilin. Meaning ‘dragon’s backbone’, the 600-year-old Longji Terraced Fields are one of the 12 top class scenic spots in Guanxi province and were first constructed in the Yuan dynasty then completed in the early Qing dynasty.

The tour ends back in Gulin where travellers can take a flight for their onward journey.


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