Get Active with a Traditional Lethwei Boxing Tour

Join in on a Myanmar traditional boxing demonstration during this special interest tour for boxing fans. Myanmar’s ancient martial art of Lethwei is fast gaining popularity in the fitness world, and this is your chance to learn authentic Myanmar Lethwei under the guidance of an experienced trainer at Phoenix Myanmar Lethwei Gym, a physical fitness centre and martial art school specialising in Myanmar’s traditional boxing.

More than just working out, this is an excellent opportunity to observe and learn a traditional art form. Phoenix Boxing Gym offers Lethwei boxing classes in a modern gym with pro instructors and experienced fighters. Classes involve a variety of tyre jumping, skipping, stretching, punching and two rounds of demo fights along with 2-minute intervals in the ring. The training classes are open everyday between 10:00 – 17:00 hours.

For more information or reservation, please contact us here.