Galle Fort Hotel wins international accolades in excellence

The Galle Fort Hotel has won not one but two international acclaims this year, proving that it is a jewel in the country’s tourism sector. It has also succeeded in securing the title of Sri Lanka’s Leading Boutique Hotel at the 2016 World Travel Awards and a category win at the 2016 World Luxury Hotel Awards. This double win is an extremely great achievement for the management and the staff of the hotel.


The World Travel Awards is the most prestigious and reputed award in the global travel and tourism industry. Moreover, winning the 2016 World Luxury Hotel Awards category winner is considered as the ultimate achievement by any property in the luxury hospitality industry, marking the Galle Fort Hotel as one of the finest properties in the country.


The Galle Fort Hotel is situated in the middle of the legendary Galle Fort, close to the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Since 2014, the hotel has been managed by Maitland and Knox Heritage Hotels. As a whole, the management team comprises of Galle Fort Hotel’s General Manager, David Elgar, and Maitland and Knox Managing Director, Amrit Rajaratnam, and General Manager of Operations, Shayan Kannangara.


The team emphasised that the awards were received for excellence in service as they pay a great deal of attention to the manner in which their guests are treated and making sure their staff get the regular hospitality training they need. One of their primary goals in achieving excellence in service was to motivate other hotels to ‘up their game’ to make Sri Lanka more competitive as a global tourism hotspot.


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