full-day insider walking tour in wonderful Yangon

Walking Tours in Yangon with a trail to learn about history, economic background and inside stories. Yangon is a city of smiles, pragmatic and generous people while retaining one of the most complete ensembles of colonial architecture in the world. This walking tour reveals some of the heritage buildings and the rich history of their functions and inhabitants up to the present day. With the guidance of experienced and highly trained licensed local guide, you will learn various cultures, religions and the inside stories of old Yangon days.

Start your walking tour with a morning outdoor street market. There is a mixture of colonial buildings, churches, mosques (including Sunni and Shia) and Buddhist Monastery and Ordination Hall. These beautiful buildings reflect the mix of religions in the city. Go inside an old colonial mansion that has seen better days, plus a fantastic 100-year old indoor food market. It’s a great showcase for the political and social history of Myanmar. Explore the Chinatown area where you will get lots of opportunity to taste local foods during your walk.

In the afternoon, expect to discover some hidden gems that are off the tourist trail. Visit an old heritage building family mansion, and walk through an afternoon outdoor street market. You will also see the old beautiful buildings from 90’s days, including old financial district, The High Court, The Old Telegram Office, The City Hall, the old Jewish Office Building, the old Armenian Balthazar Office Building, The Port authority building, the old Armenian Church, General Post Office, British Embassy and the beautiful St Mary’s Cathedral and the magnificent Secretariat Building. On the way, you will pass through the oldest Hotel of Myanmar, build in 1901, The Strand Hotel which was one of the three chain hotels by Sarkies Brother.


Insiders’ Walking Tour of Wonderful Yangon


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