Explore China Culinary Delights in Chengdu and Guangzhou

Join this week-long China Culinary Delights tour at a special package price. Enjoy a feast for the senses whilst eating your way through the delicacies and local cuisine of Chengdu and Guangzhou and visiting the cities’ most iconic sites.

The tour begins with three days in Chengdu. One of the most anticipated activities in China is meeting Giant Pandas. This will be satiated by a visit to the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Centre. On the following day, stroll through the People’s Park and visit the world’s largest Stone Buddha statue, the Leshan Giant Buddha. Explore the Wuhou Temple, a major shrine dedicated to the Shu Kingdom’s heroes and stroll by the old-world Qing Dynasty stores along Jinli Old Street. Whilst you’re in Chengdu, sip on tea at the Heming Tea House, slurp up a steaming meal at the famous Sichuan Hot Pot, and nibble on Xiba Tofu, a famous type of tofu made with Xiba Town’s local stream water.

The tour continues with four days in Guangzhou. After a scenic transfer by van, begin this city’s tour with a visit to the Western Han Dynasty Nanyue King Mausoleum Museum, the Five-Ram Statue in Yuexiu Park and then the Temple of Six Banyan Trees. Afterwards, buy souvenirs from the local vendors set up along the famous pedestrian street, Shangxiajiu Street, which has a rich historical and traditional feel to it. Conclude the evening with a feast at the famous Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant, which is best known for its unique lotus seed paste cakes.

On the following day, witness the architectural delights of the Xiguan Mansion and Chen Clan Temple. After a delicious dim sum lunch at Pan Xi Restaurant, admire the British and French colonial-style buildings on Shamian Island and engulf yourself in the sights, sounds and amongst the rows of vendors at the Qingping Market. Visit the massive Flower City Square and gaze upon the hundreds of thousands of calligraphy, paintings, ceramics and woodcarvings in the Guangdong Provincial Museum. Afterwards, briefly tour the magnificent Guangzhou Opera House, the Haixinsha Asia Olympic Garden and the Guangzhou Tower.

After dinner on your final evening in Guangzhou, enjoy a one-hour cruise along the Pearl River before departing Guangzhou the following day.

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