Experience the Golden Harvest in the Northwest

The new 10-day Golden Harvest in the Northwest journey offers visitors a chance to experience the life of ethnic minority peoples in the remote mountainous areas of Northwestern Vietnam from Mai Chau and beyond. The tour highlights include accommodation at comfortable homestays and ecolodges in the “Community Based Tourism” network. This is a terrific chance to capture the best shots of the terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai and Sapa, as well as visit the colourful mountain markets.

The tour begins in Hanoi, with an orientation and walk through the old quarter upon arrival. From Hanoi, the journeys continues to small towns and villages where guests will enjoy cycling excursions and visits to local artisans. While there will be long drives from region to region, allowing for ample photography stops to capture the scenic terraced rice paddies, much of this tour is completed on foot, trekking from village to village to take in local life.

The best travelling period is from the beginning of August until the second week of September when the terraced rice fields change colour from green to gold. The middle of September, when all the fields have completed this transformation, marks the start of harvest time. The tour commences on Friday to coincide with market days in the northwest.


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