enjoy authentic cuisine at home Hoi An Restaurant

Paradise Group’s newest Home Vietnamese Restaurant has finally unlocked its doors to the visitors of Hoi An’s Old Town.


Located at 112 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street in the heart of Hoi An’s Old Town, the Home Hoi An Restaurant offers remarkable Hoi An-inspired cuisine in a cosy yet elegant environment. This 120-seat restaurant is nestled in an old French residence with a distinct homey feeling rich in architectural history.


Offering a vast array of traditional dishes that originate mainly from the central region, guests can indulge in the chef’s signature spins on My Quang and Cao Lau Ba Le, two of Hoi An’s most popular noodle dishes. Diners can also enjoy romantic meals with an expansive list of premium wines that have been carefully selected to perfectly complement the Hoi An herbs and spices.


For reservation or more information, please contact us here.