1. Roundtrips & Overnight Packages

  • 30 days or more prior start of service:                               No charge
  • Between 29 days and 15 days prior start of service:        30% of package price
  • Between 14 days and 7 days prior start of service:          70% of package price
  • 6 days or less prior start of service OR no show:              100% of package price


2. Accommodation

  • Actual cancellation terms are subject to each individual hotel policy.


3. Transfers & Day Excursions

  • 6 days or more prior start of service:                                 No charge
  • Between 5 days and 3 days prior start of service:           50% of price
  • 2 days or less prior start of service OR no show:            100% of price


4. Groups

  • 60 days or more prior start of service:                              No charge
  • Between 59 days and 45 days prior start of service:      25% of package price
  • Between 44 days and 30 days prior start of service:      50% of package price
  • Between 29 days and 15 days prior start of service:      75% of package price
  • Between 14 days prior start of service or less:               100% of package price

Remark: based on a cancellation of the entire group movement.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Cancellation charges shall be calculated from the day the written notification is received by the company or agent as a percentage of the net total tour price as ahown, plus any surcharges (e.g. ticketed air sectors and other penalties imposed by suppliers, such as hotels).
  • Certain hotels, lodges, chalets, rest-houses are subject to stricter and specific cancellation terms. Specific cancellation terms will be advise at a time of proposal.
  • Some type of transportation and experiences (e.g. a full day yacht charter or a specific language guide) can be subject to stricter and specific cancellation terms. Such cancellation terms will be advise at a time a proposal.
  • Cancellation of air arrangements will be subject to fees charged in accordance with the type of airfare used and airline tariff regulations.
  • Refunds will not be given for unused or cancelled services after the tour arrangements have commenced.
  • Cancellation terms and conditions are subject to individual inquiry and are based on the services requested.

Due to Singapore's location, the climate is hot and humid all year round with no distinct seasons. Rain falls almost daily throughout the year; therefore, it is advisable to carry an umbrella at all times for the rain and sun. Approximately, 24°C when low and 32°C when high.

Singapore is in a tropical climate. Therefore, you should pack clothes for hot, humid conditions. Be prepared and take only warm weather clothing: lightweight cotton shirts are best, paired with khaki trousers or shorts for men and shorts or a flowing skirt for women. Bring a light sweater as some businesses cope with heat and humidity by using the air conditioning at the highest setting.

It is advisable to bring an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun as well as from the rain, which falls almost daily throughout the year but is especially heavy during the monsoon season. While sleeveless shirts are generally acceptable, capped sleeves will generally result in better treatment for women travellers. A pair of comfortable walking shoes are essential in Singapore as there may be quite a lot of walking to do.

Singapore dollars (SGD) are dealt with mainly for all purchases. Exchange rates are approximately SGD 1.25 to USD 1.

While going through customs, proceed to the Red Channel if you carry:

  • Prohibited items
  • Controlled or restricted items
  • Taxable or dutiable items exceeding your GST Relief or Duty-Free concession; or
  • Items for which no GST Relief or duty -free concession is granted.
  • Physical currency or bearer negotiable instruments (CBNI) that has a total value exceeding SGD 30,000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency)

At the Red Channel, declare orally to the ICA officers that you have with you any of the above-stated item(s), show the item(s) to the officer and produce the import permit, if any.

Proceed to the Green Channel if you do not carry any of the above-stated 5 types of items. At the Green Channel, ICA officers may still conduct selective checks on visitors' baggage.

If in doubt, always seek clearance at the Red Channel.

Water in Singapore has been processed and filtered before it is available to us so is safe to drink the water straight from the tap.

The standard voltage in Singapore is 220V/240V, 50 Hz. If you have equipment that runs on a higher voltage, you should not connect it to Singaporean power unless you have the correct transformer (voltage adaptor).

Singapore uses the British BS1363 three-pronged square pin type socket. Plugs from the US, Western and Eastern Europe, and Asia will not fit into a Singapore power plug.

If you need a plug adaptor or transformer, we advise buying one before your arrival. Some hotels will be able to lend you an adaptor, but not all.

Singapore offers the world's buffet at its table of eclectic selection of foods - Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Thai and more, Singapore has a taste for every palette. Hawker centers are a staple in Singapore and are the best place to find the most popular and cheapest places to eat.

Think preventively when packing for your trip; consider leaving behind expensive jewellery, watches and items of sentimental value. A smaller, inexpensive camera may be a better choice than larger, expensive models. You may not need to take an ATM card if your credit card and a limited amount of cash will suffice.

Make a Xerox copy of your passport to carry in your luggage separately from your actual passport. Consider storing a digital scan of your passport (and/or other critical documents) with family, friends, or your employer so that it could be emailed to you in an emergency.

Emergency Numbers

  • Ambulance: 995
  • Fire: 995
  • Police (Main number for Emergency Services): 999
  • Singapore General Hospital: 6222 3322

Alcohol & Tobacco
The minimum drinking age in Singapore is 18 years old for all alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can be purchased from supermarkets, convenience stores, and etc.

Cigarettes can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores by individuals aged 18 or over. Beware that smoking is not allowed on public transportation and certain public places.

For entry into Singapore, a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travellers (over one year of age) who, within the preceding six days have been in or have passed through any country endemic for yellow fever.

The International Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever is considered valid 10 days after vaccination. The certificate is for a period of 10 years.

Free Wifi is limited to some restaurants, hotels and other places. Should guests would like to stay connected at all times, they may consider to get a prepaid card from either Starhub, Singtel or M1 telcom service.

There are four official languages in Singapore: Malay, Tamil, Mandarin and English. However, English is the language that is universally spoken and understood.

Standard time zone: GMT +8 hours. Typical working hours are from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

To enter Singapore, travellers mus have:

  • A passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Valid Singapore visa, if applicable
  • Sufficient funds to last for the intended period of stay in Singapore
  • Confirmed onward/return tickets (where applicable)
  • Entry facilities to their onward destinations, e.g. visas
  • Completed Disembarkation/Embarkation Card

Singapore sees a wide diversity of religious beliefs and practises due to its diverse ethnic mix of peoples originating from various countries however the majority of the residential population declares themselves as Buddhist. Other religions include Christianity, Islam, Taoism and Hinduism.

Singapore is one of the safest major cities in the world. Violent crimes against tourists are rare. However, petty crime such as pick-pocketing and street theft can occur at the airport, tourist destinations, hotels and on public transport. Remember that as in any other big city, it is important to take responsibility for your personal safety, be familiar with local laws and customs and exercise good judgment.

Singapore: A Shopaholic's Dream

Not to be outdone by other Asian metropolises, Singapore boasts plenty of its own places to shop 'til you drop. While there are a number of markets and malls, nothing can quite compare to the infamous Orchard Road. This 2.2 kilometre boulevard is home to more than 20 shopping centres including the massive ION Orchard. Spanning eight floors of retail and boasting over 333 stores, it’s the perfect place to start your shopping spree in Singapore.

Cultural Riches
On the other end of the spectrum, Little India’s bustling streets are filled with trinkets, treasures and delights. Make your way to Mustafa Centre, an impressive 24-hour shopping mall or head to Kampong Glam where you can browse through a range of handicrafts and textiles.

Thrifty Finds
For more budget shopping options, spend some time browsing through Bugis Street with more than 600 shops and vibrant street stalls selling clothing, shoes, accessories and more. For those looking for the latest fashions and trends that won’t break the bank, this is the place to be!