cook like a local and soak up the kuang si waterfalls

Visit the Kuang Si Waterfalls and prepare a fantastic lunch with a Lao local.


Start the day with a memorable visit to the impressive Kuang Si Waterfalls. On the way back, arrive in a small village where the organic farm of Ms. Vandara is located. A published Lao cookbook author, the French- and English-speaking Ms. Vandara welcomes guests into her family home for an intimate culinary experience. Learn how to cook healthy Lao food, including selecting fresh ingredients straight from the garden, in this beautiful environment. Enjoy the lunch you prepare near the waterfall and enjoy a refreshing swim with locals in the clear waters of Kuang Si.


For an extra special experience, guests have the option to buy ingredients at the local market with Ms. Vandara or choose a lunch or dinner of authentic Lao food served in the traditional style: on banana leaves, and in coconut and bamboo containers.


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