celebrate the Vietnamese New Year in February

The New Year may have come and gone for much of the world, but many countries in Asia will see their own traditional New Year celebrations in the coming months starting with Chinese New Year from 15 – 20 February 2018 and Tet in Vietnam from 16 – 20 February.


This scared festival occurs annually between late January or early February, depending on lunar calendar. A time for coming together with friends and family, Tet is officially celebrated over three days but festivities often continue for longer. The most important Vietnamese holiday of the year, people celebrate by organising family reunions, worship ancestors, giving money to children, spending time with friends and loved ones, cleaning the house and preparing traditional Vietnamese foods to savour together. Gifts of food are often also prepared and given to friends, family and neighbours while people will visit their relatives’ home on the first day of the New Year. While it’s a fascinating time to visit the colourful country, do be aware that the Vietnamese New Year is primarily a private affair with locals spending time at home – most restaurants, shops, museums and galleries are closed.