cambodia could welcome its first floating market

When it comes to floating markets, the first image that comes to mind is of those in Thailand, however with a master plan in the last stages of completion, Cambodia will soon see the debut of a floating market invested by property investment firm Sky Land in cooperation with a specialised company from Thailand.


Occupying a total of about 20 hectares of land – inclusive of water from the Mekong River that runs through it (in Vihear Sour commune), the market itself could cover 12 hectares of the entire land area (including river water) with the remaining area being used as parking lots. Already a well-established settlement cum tourist attraction in Thailand, floating markets actually do exist in Cambodia however, these are located out of a daily norm and consist of some boats acting as convenience stores for local fishermen.


Hoping to attract tourists to visit the floating market when in Phnom Penh, just like visitors flock to visit Angkor Wat when they’re in Siem Reap, floating boats at the market will be designed in the traditional Khmer style – which could measure up to 40 metres long – selling food, merchandise and souvenirs.


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