angkor’s roads receiving safety improvements

The Apsara Authority has implemented several safety-related improvements to the roads surrounding the Angkor temples.


There are plans to repair a road from Eastern Angkor Wat to Sras Srang, which was initiated after a road project between Western Angkor Wat and Bayon temple was successfully completed. A mini roundabout was also introduced to minimise road accidents that happen near Komnob Chambok, which is located near a southern part of Angkor Wat temple.


Future projects include implementing a wooden platform over the waterway at Angkor Wat that will act as a walking path for tourists from the parking area. At Tonle Om Gate of Angkor Thom, bars will also be put in place to prevent tourists from getting through the statues. Lastly, reflective signs will be added near the trees growing close to the road from Angkor Wat to Bayon to alert drivers of their presence.


The Apsara Authority plans to put new temple name panels in two languages, Khmer and Latin scripts, at all temples in Angkor so that visitors are well informed and directed to the correct temples.


A new Angkor entrance fee will be enacted on 1 October 2017.