Angkor may prohibit Pokémon Go

The Apsara Authority has warned tourists playing Pokémon Go at Angkor Archaeological Park to be alert and respect all signs that limit access to temples and structures.


According to an Apsara Authority statement, tourists are reminded that they should not enter sections of a temple, or site, that is off-limits. “They may be tempted to encroach prohibited areas in the hopes of capturing a Pokémon, but it is strictly prohibited to enter certain areas for safety reasons, or to protect the structure from damage.”


The authority also reminded visitors that they should be aware of their surroundings at all times and be mindful of obstacles and structures that could pose a risk to safety.


“For your own safety and the conservation of Angkor, please respect the sacredness of the temples, please respect all signs and please do not enter dangerous areas,” read the statement which was released in six languages: Cambodian, English, French, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


The authorities are concerned that the Pokémon game developers could disrespect religious and heritage sites by luring players to restricted areas to capture a digital monster.


Phnom Penh Post quoted Apsara spokeswoman, Chao Sun Keriya, saying that the game could be dangerous and that the authority was discussing potential action such as an outright ban at Angkor Wat in the future if game developers fail to act in an appropriate manner to respect heritage and culture integrity.


Earlier this month, the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum posted signs prohibiting visitors from playing the game in the museum grounds claiming it was disrespectful to the purpose and sentiments of the site.