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Autumn Newsletter

Autumn Newsletter

Welcome to our Autumn Issue Newsletter, in which we are pleased to bring you updates from around the region; Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Srilanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Laos : Learn about the "Silk from Paradise

Laos - The Luang Say Residence - Luang Prabang - Main View 

The fine art of silk production and weaving is known in Laos since ages. But the skillful designs and high quality of the Lao silk are not yet much known outside the country. Discover with us the Lao silk in a half day excursion in Vientiane.

You will see the rearing of silk worms and their cocooning and learn about the different kinds of Mulberry trees to feed the silk worms. Experience how the the cocoons are turning into silk threads. Try the hand reeling and dying of the threads yourself or learn how to handle the weaving loom.

Laos - The Luang Say Residence - Luang Prabang - Main View

For this experience we cooperate with Mai Savanh Lao, an organization with their base in Vientiane, which aims to generate sustainable income for families in remote areas of Laos. The families are organized in a network reaching all over Laos from North to South, from farmers that cultivate the silk worms to the women weaving the silk. This network provides educational courses, quality control and support for their production and gives the producers and their families an opportunity to engage in dignifying work under fair conditions.

Please contact us at for more information.

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Myanmar : Green Hill Valley Elephant camp near Kalaw

An hour drive from Kalaw, there is Green Hill Valley camp a project which is focused on protecting the nature, elephants and traditions of the local people living in the area near Kalaw.

Visit this project site to enjoy trekking in the forest, visit Elephant camp to see the nature of elephants daily care (one can participate for washing), medical care for disable elephants (not daily)
life in Mahout village, where the team lived, forest recovery program Re-Plantation is also one of their activities for the guests who wish to join, watching birds and butterflies and other interests .

Learn to know the life of Mahouts and  their elephants

Thailand : Awesome Hotel Deals, a new initiative!


Diethelm Travel Thailand recently launched a weekly emailing campaign called Awesome Hotel Deals. As the title will reveal, the mailing with update all our travel agent partners with the most up-to-date special offers from the Thailand hotels & resorts. The rates being on offer are the lowest in the market, sometimes complimented with an additional stay-pay deal. We hope this initiative will help our travel agent partners capture more last-minute sales opportunities. If you do not yet receive our weekly emailing, please send us your travel agents details at